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We have been restoring oil paintings for over twenty years, accepting commissions from a number of museums and important collections throughout this period. Although prepared to re-line a canvas if necessary, we avoid this procedure wherever possible.

Often, frames are extensively damaged. It’s important to retain an original frame, therefore we are prepared to restore even what appears to be a hopeless case.

Although happy to advise and give a free quotation on restoration, the paintings must be brought to the gallery at a pre-arranged time.

N.B. We do not restore water-colours and other works on paper, but we are happy to recommend a suitable restorer.


Here, at the Lynda Cotton Gallery, we have a large library and extensive research facilities. We are happy to advise on artists and individual works. We have contributed to numerous publications, exhibitions and projects.

Items brought to the gallery will be appraised free of charge (to guarantee immediate service, pre-arrange an appointment).

Artists working in Somerset from 1850 to 1950 are of special interest to us. Information that may not have been previously recorded is a special focus, as we are compiling a dictionary of painters living or working in Somerset during this period.


We provide swept frames to suit most Victorian and Edwardian oil paintings and certain water-colours.

We ensure that a frame is appropriately matched to the painting and have provided this service to museums, collectors and dealers for over a quarter of a century.

We do not frame works on paper, or contemporary work, but are happy to recommend Courtyard Framing, Friday Street, Minehead, who are a well established and experienced framers.

Valuations and Cataloguing

We undertake all forms of valuation. The usual fee is 1.5%. Please provide photographs and full descriptions.

Items brought to the gallery will be appraised at no charge, although this service is only available on Saturdays by prior arrangement.